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Let us help you optimize information access on your website, for desktop browsers and for mobile devices

MasterObjects sells AJAX and Flash-based software solutions that provide immediate search results and suggestions to web users. These solutions can easily be added to any web page. Your customers will find it easier than ever to find products on your site. And your intranet users have quicker-than-ever access to corporate data.

QuestFields, "the information wormhole", is an information access technology that establishes highly efficient "channels" between users and remote content sources, including search engines, databases, directories, files, or web services. Content owners place QuestFields on their websites and link them to a "QuestFields Server" that "talks" to the database or search engine. Search results appear immediately, i.e., while users type their query.

Unlike similar "autosuggest" and "autocomplete" applications on popular websites (such as Amazon, YouTube, and iTunes), the patented QuestFields technology provides an out-of-the-box generic solution that works on any web page and connects to any content source.

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QuestFields Release 2.2.3

QuestField running on the Apple iPad

QuestFields provide your customers with the fastest way to your online data. Release 2.x is a state-of-the-art Information Access platform that features enhanced styling, a highly efficient search engine for multi-million product databases, and Ajax support for virtually any browser.

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Amazingly, adding the power of QuestFields to a web site requires no redesign or custom development. QuestFields are added to your current web pages, accessing your current database or search engine.

Version 2.2 added full-page support for Google Android devices and improves support for the Oracle GlassFish application server.

Mobile QuestFields

Now, customers anywhere can find your products at lightning speed -- thanks to Mobile QuestFields. Ready for the iPhone and support for more devices coming. Seeing is believing.

A QuestField will delight your shopping customers, information subscribers, business partners and employees. Provide them with the easiest tool for finding information on your websites, at “warp speed”.

A QuestField is an out of the box, end-to-end solution that empowers your organization to significantly enhance the effectiveness of "search" and "entry" fields on your website or portal. QuestFields connect and integrate seamlessly with your current databases, directories, search engines, web services, files, and legacy systems.

QuestFields enable users to access and find information faster and easier than ever before. Today's global information consumers expect you to value the time they spend on your site. Users are becoming familiar with powerful search interfaces built into their local PCs, such as Instant Search in Microsoft Windows Vista, Apple's Spotlight, and Google Suggest. Now, with QuestFields, you can enhance your web pages with the same, ultra-efficient interface, creating a real customer-centric experience.

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QuestFields Server Technology

QuestFields are based on a patented information access technology. QuestFields technology revolutionizes the user experience by enabling applications on the web and on handheld wireless devices to communicate directly, interactively and virtually instantaneously with your databases, directories, files and/or search engines.
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